Shake It! Android App New Feature v32.6

New feature: You can move the “routes list” in and out of the way just by shaking the device. We’ve also fixed some slowness issues in the scrolling of the routes list and with pan and zoom of the map.

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New Release Upgrade Busme! Mobile App

New Feature

Buses that are scheduled to leave more than 10 minutes before their starting time may show up in the navigation list. They will be indicated with a blue circle icon. If the item is pressed the starting location will be indicated with the same icon on the map. This feature is to differentiate buses that are about to leave in the next 10 minutes, which show up on the map with a purple dot icon its intensity growing darker as they are about to leave. 

Efficiency Enhancements

Some drawing was slowing down the app considerably while panning and zooming. This situation has been resolved.

Bug Fixes

On some phones, we fixed the situation where the text did not show up in the fields for the login and register screens.

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Martha’s Vineyard from GTFS

Check it out at We were able to put Vineyard Regional Transit System in Martha’s Vineyard on line solely from processing their GTFS file. This procedure took just about a half an hour to create a site and analyze their GTFS which was downloaded from the GTFS exchange.

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On The Google Play App Store

The Busme! Android App is now on the Google Play App Store! Find it there by searching for “Busme”.

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The Busme! Map

Busme! now has a map to show where we are.Image Just go to 

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Busme! wins RvD IDEA Award in Energy and Sustainability.

Yesterday, at Syracuse University’s,  Raymond von Dran (RvD) Innovation Disruptive Entrepreneur Accelerator (IDEA) competition, Busme! became one of the recipients of a $10K grant award in the Energy and Sustainability Category. This award was notably due to the last minute efforts of Nikolay Rodionov, who is the newest member of the team. He is a current MBA/Engineering student, and this event was a competition in which students had to be involved in the entrepreneurial endeavor.

Nikolay and I met at a Startup Weekend in Syracuse, New York. We basically pitched the same idea of getting the buses on line and onto a mobile device, only his idea related to the buses with which he is most concerned at the moment. As a current student he rides the bus between the South and Main campuses of Syracuse University.

I’ve been developing Busme!’s technology over the years to extend the management of a Busme!’s tracking system directly to individuals and their organizations.   Nikolay decided to join the effort in the hopes of getting the University’s South Campuses buses on line, and being one of Busme!’s first beta testers.

All in all, it was a good event, with a lot of interesting ideas, proposed products and services, and we may develop some partnerships. We thank the Syracuse Univerity Center of Excellence and the Raymond von  Dran IDEA event.


Dr. Polar Humenn

Founder of Busme!

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